Favourite healthy foods I like

There are many healthy foods that I like to eat before I workout. These foods are protein bars, yogurt with granola, and just an apple. I think it is very important to eat before you workout because it helps get energy into your body so you can get a good workout and not be hungry. […]

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My fitness goals

I really like setting goals because it helps me stay motivated each day. One goal that I have accomplished that helped me is I now run 6km instead of 5km. This goal has helped me build endurance and confidence that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and work hard. Instead […]

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Why you should practice yoga

Today I took part in my first yoga class. It was honestly such a soothing amazing experience! Some things the class focused on was stretching out our muscles and breathing techniques. These included inhale and exhaling and closing your eyes. This part was very relaxing and peaceful because it allowed me to relax and clear […]

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My Passion For Running

My passion for running all started in grade 7. I started running on my school’s cross country team and I absolutely loved it! I found it was a great way to get active and spend time with friends. I do not run in competitions; instead I run to stay fit and active each day.   […]

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