Student Life & Working Out

Working out is important to me because not only does it help improve the way I look but it improves the way I feel overall. Working out has always been a priority to me, whether I’m doing weight training or running it is important I incorporate into my day.

As a student I understand at times it can be difficult to find time to workout in your day but it is the little things that matter that can help you. For instance instead of getting a drive to school you could walk. Another thing is try to join sports team at your school or if you are not into that try asking a friend if they want to go for a run or walk after school. It is a great and simple way to get a workout in and get out and active.

Music, I find that is a big thing that motivates me. If I’ve got a really good playlist then it motivates me to get up hit the weights or get out and active. Personally I like to listen to Drake, Calvin Harris, and Taylor Swift. Those are my go to artist just because I like the pop and upbeat music and I find it gets me going.

As a student I understand it can be hard sometimes managing school, homework, and working out but I find there are always creative ways to get active and get a quick workout in! It does not need to be a long workout but if you do a quick cardio hit or just do some weight training that is all that matters! Just think about it you are lapping everyone else on the couch! So students how do you manage school and working out? What are some workouts you like to do? Comment below and have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Blogging,


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