Injured Life

Hello everyone. It has been a crazy week and a half. Recently I injured my ankle. I was playing soccer in gym class and got kicked. In result of this I tore all my ligaments and sprained my ankle. When I was at the hospital the nurse told me that I would have to take a week off of physical activity.


Once I was told the news that I sprained my ankle and tore all my ligaments I was shocked. I knew that it was going to take a long time to recover and the more rest I got the faster the recovery would be. Since my injury I have been on crutches at school and at home. I have had amazing support from my friends and family at this time and overall I am thankful that I did not break anything and that it was just a sprain!


Of course I miss running and doing other workouts, how I am getting through this is just taking it day by day and resting. I am slowly getting better and stronger each day. I cannot wait till I get back to running again.


Being injured has taught me so many things. It has taught me to be strong and that I can get through the pain, it has taught me how much I really love to workout. I really miss doing  running, and yoga. Some days I wish this injury never happened but sometimes life just happens and we got to move on and be strong. I believe life teaches us lessons and I learned through this injury that I am strong and will get through this.


Since I cannot do much I have slowly done a little weight training mostly focusing on my upper body as I am getting better. Honestly getting to do that light weight training made me feel so much better as I missed working out so much! I am thankful that I am slowly recovering well and I hope to be back at it fully again soon.


I am thankful for everyone who has helped me through this and blessed for all the positive vibes. I never thought I would get injured and be on crutches in my life, but stuff happens and you just got to keep your head up with a positive attitude and keep smiling. In the end everything will be okay.


Happy Blogging,




2 thoughts on “Injured Life

  1. Hey Katrina … sounds like you have an awesome attitude about your injury. I know it’s super frustrating, but you are being smart and looking after yourself which will help you heal quickly so you can get back to all the things you love asap. Hang in there!

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