Global Running Day

Hello all today is Global Running Day! Words can not describe how much I love to run! I love to run in all weather conditions: fall, winter, spring, and summer. I remember when I first became a runner; it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t super fast but as time progressed I became better at running. 


I remember when I first started out I did the run/ walk so that my body could get used to it but then eventually I was able to run fully. I’m proud to say now that I can run 5k fully without stopping. Not too long ago I did a 5k race and my time was 22 minutes. This for me was great because I was not expecting this time and I was very excited.


Completing this race has given me so much motivation to run even further I hope one day to complete a 10k. I know I will have to train for this but I believe if I work hard at this goal I can accomplish anything. 


Being a runner has taught me many things. If you want success you have to chase for it and never give up on your dreams. I do not think I will ever give up running. It is my passion and always will be. For some people it may be shooting the puck, or surfing the ball, but for me it’s about running the distance and seeing where there run will take me. When I run, I run with all my heart no matter how hard it may be. I know that in the end it will be an amazing run! These are all the reasons why I love to run, not only for the exercise part but because it gives me a sense of accomplishment, determination, and satisfaction. This is my passion. What’s yours?


Happy Blogging & Happy Global Running Day!



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