How To Get Fit Outdoors

Are you looking for some inspiration to get fit outdoors? I have some great exercises that will not only help get you in shape but you can enjoy doing them outdoors. Recently I was playing tennis on the court but I only had 30 minutes to do so with my friend. So after I suggested why don’t we do a workout on the benches. I felt like 30 minutes was not enough because usually I like to workout for 60 minutes.


After we had played our tennis, I then pulled out my phone and looked up outdoor workouts. I discovered there was so much to do outdoors. I started out by doing step ups on the bench this really worked my legs and was fun to do together because my friend  was motivating me. I then decided after to do some pushups against the bench. This really worked out my arms really well.


To finish it off  I decided to do squats, lunges, and wall sits. Working on my legs was great not only because I knew that I was toning them but also because I got to enjoy the outdoors and the great weather.


Basically to sum everything up, I think there should be no excuse for not working out you do not necessarily need equipment just grab your running shoes head outdoors and use what it is around you. You will for sure get a good workout and it is fun to enjoy the outdoors and get a workout at the same time.


Comment below what are some of your favourite workouts to do whether it is outdoors or in!


Happy Blogging,


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