Ditch The Skinny

In our generation now everybody wants to be “skinny.” But being skinny should not be your top priority. If someone who leads a healthy lifestyle and eats healthy has a nice figure I think the better term should be that girl or boy looks fit and toned I want to be like them. I do not like the word skinny because everyone has different body types and our bodies should not be defined by this one word. I believe people should embrace their body types that they have and ditch the term skinny. It does not matter if you are “curvy” or have a “thigh gap.” You should embrace your body type and do not let anyone tell you that you are worthless or anything less because you are beautiful!

I think in our society it is sad that some girls look up to Victoria Secret Models or want to be like the Kardashians. In reality you will never end up looking like these models or famous actors. This is simply because you were created to be you not to look like someone else. In my opinion the best way to look good and feel good is to eat healthy and exercise. It should not be about restricting yourself because you want to be skinny like these models. These models have had tons of work done. I think people need to stop focusing on others and focus on being the better version of them. This brings me to my next point I think we need to replace the word “skinny” with words like “fit” and “toned.” These words are much better because we are talking about working out and your building muscle.

Lastly thigh gaps. I do not think it should matter if you have a thigh gap between your legs. I think girls should focus on more important things like toning up or doing squats. Having a thigh gap between your legs is not flattering at all. If it were me I would choose to not have a thigh gap.

In conclusion I believe together we can end everyone using the word skinny and everyone looking up to that. Let us start using fit and toned because that is how we can lead a healthy lifestyle and be happy and love our bodies. Let us stop focusing on what the media portrays and understand we were created to be the best version of ourselves. So be you and stop trying to be someone else! Be your own kind of beautiful! Oh and don’t forget train like a beast look like a beauty! Comment below on how you feel about the word “skinny” and how the media portrays the ideal body type.

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