My Favourite Fitness Person

My favourite fitness person would definently would be Jillian Michaels! I love her attitude toward fitness and how she views fitness. If you do not know who Jillian Michaels is according to she is a “high profile trainer and life coach.”She used to be on the show The Biggest Loser as a trainer and also has some workout videos on Youtube.


I like Jillian Michaels because she really promotes that you can get through any workout no matter what. She said “Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going.” I would agree with her a lot because sometimes when we are working out we may want to give up but if your not having these side effects while working out then there should be no excuse to quit at all!


I think my all time favourite quote by Jillian Michaels is “It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort.” I feel like people try to be perfect all the time but in reality we should think about the effort like wow I made the effort today to workout and not focus on well I worked out and that was not the perfect workout. I believe fitness is a journey and not all workouts are going to be perfect but all that matter is you took the time and effort to workout and that shows you are a dedicated hard worker!


These are all the reasons why Jillian Michaels is my favourite fitness person. She is a hard worker and her quotes definitely inspire me! What are some things that inspire you to workout? Comment below if you’d like.


Happy Blogging,






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