Why I love my fitbit

There are many reasons why I love my fitbit but the main reason why I love it is because I get to see how many steps I take in a day. This can be really interesting because you don’t  really realize how many steps you take in a day. The goal I aim for is 10,000 steps and when I hit that goal my fitbit then vibrates to let me know that I have accomplished that goal. This can be fun because you feel a sense of pride and you’ve accomplished what you wanted that day.


The fitbit I have is the charge hr and it is in teal blue. It does not just track steps but also distance and this makes it perfect for me since I am an active person so I can see how many kilometres I have done. The fitbit can also be really fun too because you can add friends on the app and set challenges and motivate one other. This can make fitness more fun and you have a fitness buddy to help you along your fitness journey.


I believe sleep is very important if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and be active. The fitbit is also great for this because if you are going to be wearing yours to bed it will track how many hours you actually slept and how many hours you were restless. This can be great because you can have a better understanding of how you sleep plus you may realize you are not getting enough sleep each night.Speaking of sleep I know many of us have busy lives and need to wake up early this brings me to my next feature on the fitbit, it contains an alarm this alarm vibrates on your wrist to let you know that you need to wake up. This is great because sometimes those loud alarms can be annoying and this vibration may be right for you.


These are the reasons why I love my fitbit. It helps me stay motivated and it is a fun way to challenge others and lead a healthy lifestyle. What are your favourite fitbit features and how does it motivate you?


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