How to incorporate fitness into your busy life

Do you feel your life is so busy and you do not have time to workout? Well here are some easy little workouts that you can do while going about your everyday life. First off when you are at work or anywhere else you should try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This can save so much time because instead of the time wasted waiting you could already be where you want to be simply just by walking up the stairs. Think of it you get a double deal not having to wait and calories burned throughout the day. Lets be real a lot of people think this is a struggle but would you rather waste your time waiting or burn calories? Taking the stairs can add up in a week and it will improve your overall health.


At home life can be pretty busy trying to do homework or managing your sleep but there are many little workouts you can simply do without even realizing you are doing them. For instance when you first wake up in the morning why not try to do some sit ups or pushups or squats. I know this is not some long 30 minute workout but honestly at least you are attempting to do something and it will help improve your health  instead of sleeping in where is that going to help you with your health and your future?


Another great way to incorporate a little workout in is if there is a commercial on tv during that time take time do a quick cardio hit like jumping jacks or do some high knees . These are better then sitting on the couch and then you will feel less guilt and if you think about how long those breaks are it really adds up!


Dancing to music. I know sometimes when getting ready or just for fun I like to listen to music so why not turn that into some fun dance time this is great because you can dance to your favourite music and also you burn some calories. Now all these workouts that I have stated are all fun and you can incorporate them to your busy life if you do not have time to hit the  gym or go out for a run. Personally I think there are always creative and fun ways that we include fitness in our lives but all it takes is motivation and confidence. I know that as I get  older I will definitely incorporate fitness each and everyday in my life just because I love running and yoga and I feel if everyone makes time to incorporate some sort of fitness in their life the world can be healthier. What are some of your favourite workouts?


Happy Blogging,






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